Whole-Child Enrichment Programs

Our curriculum at Inspire! Learning and Childcare Centers is designed to foster development in self-expression, creativity, independence, decision-making, imagination, and self-esteem. We leverage a multi-sensory and challenging approach to promote learning and ensure our curriculum is child-centered. Each day will be a stimulating, busy, warm, and positive experience for your child!

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Experience the Inspire! Difference with Objective-Based Learning

Our primary concern is making sure your child is safe, cared for, and experiences sincere kindness and warmth from our educators. We want them to be excited to attend and continue coming back to Inspire!

Some of our key differentiators, that you won’t find at other centers, are:

  • Nine Key Development Areas
  • 52-week objective-based curriculum
  • Individualized enrichment paths for each child
  • Play-based learning that’s leveraging the best learning techniques, early literacy skills, and mathematics tools for early education.
  • A focus on fun, engagement, and social/emotional skills every day – your child won’t even realize they’re in a learning environment!

Regardless of the program (Infant through School Age, and Camp Journey), your child will experience 9 individualized Key Development Areas (KDAs):

Children learn to express themselves through all mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpting, cooking, movement, puppets, drama, music, dance, and art.

Through interactions with others, your child will learn how to recognize themselves as an individual – how they dress themselves, how they use the potty, how they play in groups, etc.

Your child will develop their speech and language skills through hearing and understanding exercises, games, songs, developing from babbling to talking, and stringing words together.

Your child will develop their motor skills through dance, yoga, outdoor play, competitive sports, fine motor games, puzzles, and manipulative materials.

We help children with their awareness through individual and multiple sensory activities, spatial relationship play, and artistic endeavors.

Through spontaneous, guided, and dramatic play, games, small and large group activities, and cooperative learning activities, your child will develop and learn about their emotions.

Our proprietary curriculum, Inspire to Write, will help your child develop and leverage fine motor skills to advance through the basics of writing and reading.

Children experience STEM activities through measuring, counting, sorting, sequencing, manipulative games, observation of plants, small animals, nature, sand and water play, as well as classroom experiments.

Your child will better understand healthy living through physical education, health awareness activities, and positive behavior reinforcement.

Individualized Learning and Enrichment to Maximize Your Child's Care

Our multi-layer approach to early childhood education is a true differentiator! Unlike most centers, which just provide babysitting, Inspire! takes a highly dynamic approach to learning with our 52-week curriculum. Our teachers, all of whom have degree backgrounds, focus on your child as the individual they are.

We’ll work closely with you to develop your child’s Individual Enrichment Path (IEP) when you become an Inspire! member. Your child’s IEPs will be referenced daily to ensure the best developmental tools are used in your child’s education. The IEP combined with our 9 KDAs and themed activities ensure your child is engaged, stimulated, and enjoying their experience at Inspire! Learning Centers.

“My 2 year old son attends Inspire! In Irondequoit and he loves it. Its amazing that when we first took him he was barely speaking or using any basic sign language. And now he cant wait to get out of the car to run in and see his friends. The kids do a lot of different activities such as circle time and crafts. I can tell that my son is learning and interacting well because he gets smarter everyday and I can’t take all the credit because his teachers and friends are such a big influence on him! We love Haley and Candace and everyone in the staff. Thanks everyone!”

Liz P.

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