Programs for Preschool

3-5 Years

Your preschool child is an explorer, inventor, scientist, performer, artist, negotiator, wizard and best friend; sometimes all in the same day. Our Preschool teachers understand the importance of stretching your child’s mind beyond the present while continuing to build upon the security of familiarity.


Your preschooler will be introduced to the pre-skills that are needed to succeed in Pre-kindergarten and beyond. They work of letter sounds and recognition along with numbers, shapes and colors while in the play-based setting which nurtures their wellbeing and practicing their social-emotional skills. We recognize the value of becoming a kind helpful individual and capitalize on this growth within each child.


Each preschool classroom is constructed to fit the individual needs of each child in our 3-year-old program by engaging in imaginative play, building vocabularies, and independent thinking. Our focus is providing structured consistency through daily schedules. In the classroom, caring and compassionate teachers will help your preschoolers turn everyday experiences into educational opportunities through structured learning.


Teachers strive to meet the needs of each independent child. They create a nurturing environment that fosters cognitive, social and emotional development. Through well-designed activities, our teachers tailor their lessons to each unique learning style. Patience and encouragement are key as teachers guide preschoolers in developing fundamental skills. Our teachers act as positive role models, instilling values and promoting a love for learning, laying the groundwork for a successful educational journey.


We view your child as a unique person with an individual learning style, attributes, needs, inclinations and growth patterns. A recognition and appreciation for individual talent, preferences and differences are central to our education philosophy and success in promoting growth in all areas for our children.


We have meticulously designed our preschool classrooms to provide a space where learning and growth flourish hand in hand. Our classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate materials, toys and learning devices. We foster a supportive atmosphere where children feel secure expressing themselves with clear boundaries to enhance a preschooler's comfort and confidence. Our classrooms are a safe space for preschoolers to explore, inquire and make mistakes, not only to promote academic learning but also social-emotional development.


Our preschool teachers communicate efficiently and effectively with parents about their child's developmental growth and academic progress through many different tools including e-daily sheets, parent-teacher conferences and more. These tools provide real-time updates on daily activities, milestones and learning experiences. In addition, parent-teacher conferences provide each parent with knowledge and insights on their child’s academic achievements and any areas that may benefit additional support. Parents will be constantly informed and feel involved in their child’s education.

“My oldest son has attended Inspire since he was 4 and my youngest since he was 6 weeks. Being in other daycares before the staff at inspire made my kids feel comfortable, and now they get excited to go every morning! Thanks for being wonderful inspire! A huge thank you for keeping the parents involved during the day, and giving us the ability to go to work worry free!”

Kelly R.

Conscious Care for Every Stage of Children's Development

Regardless of your child’s age or development level, we’ve outlined strategic learning objectives designed to maximize their success! Check out the table below to learn more about how we’re working with children of every age.

Literacy: Read & Write

  • Print concepts
  • Knowledge of books & print
  • Name recognition (visual)
  • Pre-writing skills (lines & curves)
  • Sequence of events

Self Exploration

  • Beginning stages of understanding accountability for actions
  • Talks about emotions
  • Trying new things that may be different

Self Awareness & Development

  • Intermediate stages of self control (frustration)
  • Self-help skills (dressing)
  • Interacts with peers in positive ways
  • Displays manners (please, thank you, excuse me)

Speech & Language

  • Expressive & receptive vocabulary
  • Listening & speaking
  • Beginning stages of telling and retelling a story
  • Use of animation while speaking
  • Responds to open ended questions

Math & Science

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Number sense & counting
  • Identify & draw shapes
  • Sorting
  • Patterning
  • Experiments (will this rock sink or float?)


  • Problem-solving (how to make something work)
  • Representational thought (A is for apple)
  • Cause & Effect (what happens when I do this?)

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Beginning tripod grip (pencil, crayon)
  • Skipping
  • Galloping
  • Beginner puzzles
  • Learning correct hold of scissors

Social & Emotional

  • Engages in social interactions
  • Expresses emotions (all)
  • Engages in pretend play (along or with others)
  • Begins to understand transitions and how to cope

Physical Arts

  • Process Art (clay, collages)
  • Using paint brushes, crayons, & markers
  • Beginning steady beat and keeping rhythm
  • Can begin to independently color, cut & paste items

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