Frequently Asked Questions

  • Infants4:1 This is often times lower as we have an extra staff float for infants throughout the day
    School age10:1
  • Yes! We provide a morning snack, a full dietitian approved and children friendly hot lunch and afternoon snacks for all children who can eat table food including older Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and School-age. We provide them with whole milk when they have transitioned to milk.

  • Yes, once you have made arrangements with the transportation department at your school.

  • We ask children not to come in or we’ll send them home if they develop a temperature of 101º or higher, 3 diarrheas, vomiting, heavy nasal/eye discharge, pinkeye or lice. We have a written health care policy that is available to parents.

  • Yes, Inspire! is currently licensed under the name Inspire Learning and Childcare through the NYS Office of Children & Family Services.

  • Nothing is more important to us than keeping your children safe while entrusted to our care. We recently updated all of our security and emergency procedures. This includes alarming all doors, setting up security process and procedures to handle any level of attempted security breaches of facilities. Definitive emergency procedures in conjunction with local authorities to handle all types of emergencies. We also understand that in some cases there are sensitive issues around custody. We team with parents to ensure that we support all requirements of custody procedures when we have been notified of the legal requirements. We are constantly updating our security procedures and invest in communicating to our families parents and guardians when updates occur. To ensure this:

    • Our location has secured front entrances. To enter the building, you must have an access code, which will be given to you at enrollment and changed monthly to enhance security.
    • All the teachers are trained to follow a strict security process, including checking a photo ID to only allow children to be picked up by those authorized by the parent/guardian.
    • All employees have been background checked, fingerprinted and cleared through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (
    • All family data is securely stored with restricted access.

    Health, Wellness and Security are significant and top priorities for Inspire! and our families. We are always looking to better these areas of our service, so look for more benefits to come soon!

  • Inspire! has MAT Certified teachers to administer medication. Most teachers at Inspire! also have emergency medical application (epi-pen, inhalers, etc).

  • Yes, for children ages 5 through 12. They attend full -days with fun-filled field trips throughout the summer and participate in many exciting activities and events. All summer campers have two snacks and a lunch daily as part of their program.

  • Services are invoiced weekly for the following week of service.  It is expected that parents will pay prior to that week starting.

  • We accept Credit Card ( Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card), Automated Check Withdraw (“ACH”), Check and Money Order.