Programs for Infants

6 Weeks to 18 Months

Our teachers are trained to elicit each child’s initial expressions of empathy and mutual respect. Through patience and positive modeling, the teachers will consistently use sensitive verbal and non-verbal communication to encourage the emergence of appropriate language and reactions.

Your child will develop individually according to their own pace, as characterized by their particular leaps, plateaus and seemingly overnight changes and accomplishments. Our teachers will guide and inspire your child by ensuring a safe and emotionally supportive environment. Teachers consistently design a broad array of stimulating experiences, within a reliable framework of structure and routine, are the essential elements contributing to the quality of our Infant Program. Our teachers believe that strong listening skills and respect for different perspectives create effective communication with parents and a positive environment for infants.


Our teachers will constantly surround your child with expressive and receptive language stimulation during cuddling, feeding, diapering and play time. Their motor development will be promoted through teacher interaction and time spent using one of our many pieces of infant equipment and interactive toys. We believe that your infant’s social emotional maturity is essential for the emergence of all other developmental areas and consider its development a primary responsibility of ours. To stimulate development our teachers balance two key roles; interacting and observing.


Your infant will determine their own specific eating, sleeping, diapering and play schedule. Changes and adaptations will also be decided by them. We attempt to follow home schedules as closely as possible. Eventually their sleeping, meals, and bottles will resemble more mature habits. They will decide when and we will encourage their blossoming.


Our teachers will offer your infant a variety of sensory motor activities each day involving music, movement, language and exploration as an integral part of their day. We believe that infants need and prosper from both novel experiences and repeated exposure to familiar persons, toys and situations. We incorporate a blend of stimulating new events within the security of a daily routine to achieve this. Your infant will be given an abundance of opportunities for socialization, physical interaction, encouragement and movement in a safe, clean predictable environment.


The teachers follow a brain-based curriculum. Since childrens’ brains work best within a context of healthy relationships, our warm, consistent, responsive care fosters brain growth and development to emerge as nature planned. The teachers devote time connecting with each infant individually to learn to read their cues, observe their interests and abilities, to engage verbally, and most importantly physically cuddle.


We have designed 3 different classroom spaces in the Infant area to more adequately focus on their ever-changing, dynamic cognitive, social, language, motor needs and development. Our unique, separate sleeping area will enable your infant to rest more peacefully. Our teachers establish and facilitate daily communication with parents and consistently integrate their input and requests. It’s our Parent and Teacher Partnership that makes our Infant Program uniquely superior to others.


Your infant’s teacher will share developmental information in a variety of ways. This now includes e-daily sheets that collect a great deal of information throughout the day from feedings, to naps to changes and more. This means that you will be constantly informed throughout the day, keeping you involved in your child’s activities.

“Our daughter has been attending Inspire Brockport since she was 3 months old. Now 4 years old and attending their UPK program we still love it and know that she will be ready for kindergarten in the fall as she is excelling in her education. The staff are all so wonderful and know how to educate while keeping the classrooms fun. They keep in contact with the families so we are able to know how our daughter is doing each day and any upcoming events. The Inspire family has become like an extended family to us! We wholeheartedly recommend Inspire to other families.”

Lauren B.

Conscious Care for Every Stage of Children's Development

Regardless of your child’s age or development level, we’ve outlined strategic learning objectives designed to maximize their success! Check out the table below to learn more about how we’re working with children of every age.

Literacy: Read & Write

  • Sound imitation
  • Enjoyment of stories
  • Starts to say one or more words
  • Begins to use words to make theirs

Self Exploration

  • Basic Body Awareness
  • Curiosity
  • Trying New Thing
  • Exploring Surroundings

Self Awareness & Development

  • Self-Soothing Skills
  • Independence
  • Self-Recognition (recognizing self in mirror)

Speech & Language

  • Beginning stages of social communication
  • Imitation of sounds
  • Basic sign language
  • Simple directions
  • Enjoyment of stories
  • Understands simple directions (no, feet on floor)

Math & Science

  • Uses senses to explore nature (touch: grass)
  • Sensory play
  • Collections & patterns
  • Spatial relationships


  • Problem Solving (navigation of space)
  • Object permanence (peek-a-boo)
  • Cause & effect

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Holding head up
  • Sitting
  • Crawling
  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Finger manipulation

Social & Emotional

  • Develops attachment
  • Trust & security
  • Expresses emotion to get needs met
  • Begins to recognize family in pictures

Physical Arts

  • Creativity: Process art, scribbling, color recognition
  • Creative movement
  • Tries to keep steady beat
  • Enjoys finger painting and messy activities

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