Programs for Toddlers

18-36 Months

Your toddler will explore the sights, sounds, smells and textures of their ever-changing world within our classrooms. We recognize the value of capitalizing on their inquisitive, fearless nature and design our curriculum to enhance their curiosities and promote their independence.


Toddler interactions play a crucial role in fostering social and emotional development. Toddlers engage in parallel play, playing alongside one another but not necessarily with each other. Teachers facilitate these interactions, encouraging sharing, turn-taking and communication skills. Group activities and center-based learning promote early socialization and help toddlers navigate relationships. These interactions are carefully observed and guided, creating an environment that supports the building blocks of these young learners.


Your toddler will develop a sense of structure within their learning environment with an introduction to a schedule that fits their developmental needs. Our goal at Inspire is to prepare the two-year olds for that next step which is Preschool. Enriching their development and skills through interaction within center-based lessons including circle time, manipulatives, and sensory exploration. Their meals and sleeping will resemble more maturity with more independence including family-styled eating followed by a rest period.


Our teachers are trained to elicit each toddler’s initial expressions of empathy and mutual respect. Through patience and positive modeling, the teachers will consistently use sensitive verbal and non-verbal communication to encourage the emergence of appropriate language and reactions. Our teachers will guide and inspire your child by ensuring a safe and emotionally supportive environment. Our teachers believe that strong listening skills and respect for different perspectives create effective communication with parents and a positive environment for toddlers.


Your child will develop individually according to their own pace, as characterized by their particular leaps, plateaus and seemingly overnight changes and accomplishments. Teachers consistently design a broad array of stimulating experiences, within a reliable framework of structure and routine. These are the essential elements contributing to the quality of our Toddler Program. Our toddler teachers devote their time creating a connection to each toddler individually learning their abilities and engage with them based on their developmental needs.


We have three designated classrooms in the Toddler area including a gross motor room to focus on their needs for development. Starting at 18-months, our toddlers learn to navigate in the educational world of early childhood. In our toddler classrooms, children develop their independence through fun learning experiences as they build skills, they need to interact with the world around them.


We establish daily communication with families and integrate their feedback. Our toddler team focuses on sharing developmental information in a variety of ways throughout the day. This includes e-daily sheets, parent-teacher conferences quarterly, and more! You will always be kept informed throughout the day, keeping you involved in your child’s activities and education.

“When my previous daycare was shut down unexpectedly I was so scared I didn’t know where to turn. I was told to give Inspire a call by a close friend. Kat walked me through and put all my worries to rest. I’ve had both my children here for almost a year and no complaints. My daughter who is almost 2 LOVES all the teachers and runs right up to them giving me a piece of mind. I love that they are quick to respond on their app giving me up to date information on my kiddos day.”


Conscious Care for Every Stage of Children's Development

Regardless of your child’s age or development level, we’ve outlined strategic learning objectives designed to maximize their success! Check out the table below to learn more about how we’re working with children of every age.

Literacy: Read & Write

  • Beginning stages of comprehension & listening skills
  • Uses scribbling as writing
  • Looks at books and turns pages

Self Exploration

  • Identify body parts (ears, knees, belly)
  • Further exploration of surroundings
  • Trying new things (foods)

Self Awareness & Development

  • Beginning stages of self control (frustration)
  • Self-help skills (potty training)
  • Begins to play with friends

Speech & Language

  • Intermediate stage of social communication (I want)
  • Repetition of words
  • Tone recognition (positive vs. negative)
  • Book knowledge and enjoyment of story

Math & Science

  • Use senses to explore
  • Identifying body parts
  • Shape & color recognition
  • Number sense (more/less, empty/full)


  • Problem-solving (how something works)
  • Sorting
  • Begins to understand and follow simple directions (sit in chair)

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Hand strength & grasp
  • Running
  • Climbing and jumping
  • Beginning to move with balance

Social & Emotional

  • Begins to identify feelings
  • Interacts with adults & peers
  • Engages in pretend play
  • Parallel play
  • Use of manners

Physical Arts

  • Creativity-process art, scribbling, color recognition
  • Creative movement
  • Tries to keep steady beat
  • Enjoys fingers painting and messy activities

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