Welcome to Inspire! Learning and Childcare!

At Inspire! Learning and Childcare, we strive to provide above and beyond all other childcare centers. Here are but a few of the differences your child will experience with us:

  • Personalized Care as if your child is our own. We treat your children with the utmost care and respect.
  • Spacious Center to allow for superior learning in all age ranges, as well as space designed for infants that enhances their development.
  • Hot Meals are provided to the children three times a day to keep a healthy and balanced day.
  • Safe and Secure area that is away from any major roadways and low safety zones that may endanger the children.
  • Warm and Friendly Atmosphere. Inspire! Learning and Childcare is a warm, caring, creative, learning and loving environment.

At Inspire! Learning and Childcare, we have developed our own curriculum because we really believe that our teachers truly make the difference.

  • Individual Learning Paths to guide each child in their own special way and what works best for them.
  • Specialized Curriculum that incorporates warm and personalized interactions with each child to help boost brain growth.
  • Confidence and Satisfaction. When you walk through our doors, you will feel that the center is a home away from home with an individual focus on each child and his/her specific needs.

We offer programs for Infant, Toddler, PreSchool, PreK, Kindergarten Enhancement and School-Age. Learn more about our programs.