Dear Inspire! families,

We are so proud of our team of teachers at our centers that are committed to the care and education of your children. We are also highly confident in the additional health and safety measures we have implemented so that you, your children and our staff are able to stay healthy. Not only have we had zero COVID-19 related illnesses to date; but we have experienced a drop in children and staff illnesses overall. Once we are back to full capacity, we know that will change, but a silver-lining throughout this lock-down is what we have learned about keeping a healthier center.

With that said, and still many uncertainties right now, we plan to continue to raise the bar in these uncertain times. We truly hope that you feel our commitment to you and that gives you peace of mind.

We have implemented several new measures to our drop-off and pick-up procedures. These are:

We will continue to:

With government considerations for some type of lifting of shelter in place/isolate at home, we are seeing an influx of children returning to the centers. Please work in advance with your center director on timing so we can be sure and have appropriate staffing aligned for your part-time or full-time return.

We thank you for your confidence in us and appreciate your patience as we continue to navigate this unsure and unprecedented time together.